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Long-Distance Moving in Edmonton

Moving is a nightmare. There, we said it. There’s something that’s just so fundamentally upsetting about putting all your belongings into boxes. Add long distances to the mix and an already hard process gets even tougher.

And, if you want to get philosophical about it, it changes the experience drastically. After all, can you really call a collection of things a life? When you move from apartment to apartment in the same city, your life goes on uninterrupted. But a long-distance move from province to province or even cross-country? You’re basically a whole new person by the time you come out the other side. You know, just with some of the same clothes.

If you’re about to open an exciting new chapter in your life, it’s time to call one of the country’s best long-distance moving companies. When you trust the professional experts for relocation services, you can rest assured knowing that we take care of the material part, so you can focus on the parts of the move that matter the most to you.

Long-Distance Moving Advice: Some Tips

At Big Joes Movers LTD, we’ve moved people across the country either to or from Edmonton. With over five years in business, that’s a lot of successful moves! So when a few of our customers asked us to put up some long-distance moving advice on our website, we jumped at the opportunity. Keep these tips in mind next time you hire long-haul movers and everything should go as smooth as butter.

Pare Down Only to the Essentials

If you’re like most Edmonton residents, you probably have a closet somewhere in your home or apartment that’s filled with things you no longer use. Maybe it’s a broken electronic device you meant to order replacement parts for. Or perhaps you have some truly outrageous outfits that you can’t find the right occasion to wear them to. Or maybe your book collection has long outgrown your bookshelf.

You don’t need to be into Japanese minimalism to see the value of bringing less with you. Objects can be replaced. Memories can’t. Let go of old favourites that have seen better days and make way for the new.

Make a List and Check it Twice

When it comes to relocation, there’s no two ways around it: you want a complete inventory of everything you’re bringing. If you’re trusting long-distance movers, it’s better for both them and you if you bring itemized lists of all your belongings. Most of the time, nothing goes wrong, but it’s better to be prepared.

Trust the Best Long Distance Moving Company Around

At Big Joes Movers LTD, we’ve been helping people relocate to and from Edmonton for over five years, all while providing stellar customer service. Our dedication to our company values shows in our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and outstanding customer reviews. So if you’re looking to begin a new chapter of your life in Edmonton or move away for greener pastures, call Edmonton’s best long-distance movers and let’s get packing!

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